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Sell Your Home The Right Way

Selling can be stressful and exciting all at once.  There are many unknowns, but we are here to help you and will walk you through the process.  During your free consultation (approximately one hour), we will listen to your needs, clarify your motivations, assess your home’s condition and provide a road map for selling success.  It is helpful if you are prepared with pertinent information regarding your home such as homeowner association (HOA) documents and fees, water rights, and any additional information unique to your home.   

#1 Set The Selling Price

We will provide a market analysis and comparable values for your property.

  • Together we will determine the right selling price to get your house sold. 

  • If your property is priced too high, you will help sell other neighboring properties or homes.


#2 Get Prepared To Sell

Curb appeal, repairs, keeping things clean and tidy, and staging are important in making your property attractive to potential buyers. 

  • We will take photos and videos of your home and will market it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

  • We will also prepare postings for social media sites based upon your property or home situation. 


#3 Sell With Confidence

Here’s where it pays to have a licensed realtor on your side. 

  • We will help evaluate and prepare counteroffers, manage deadlines, counsel you on contingencies, manage the inspection and attend the closing. 

  • For your added peace of mind, we will utilize a SentriLock system, which not only has an entry code change after each showing, but also retains information regarding who has entered your house and when. 


Whether upsizing, downsizing, or anything in between, it would be my privilege to assist you!


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Regarding For Sale By Owner...

We like to save money too, so we understand why you might be tempted to try and sell your home yourself.  Unless you have unlimited time on your hands, be prepared for a lot of work!  Selling a home or property can be very time consuming, and there are legal aspects that have to be taken care of.  That is why having a professional realtor represent you and help you to keep track of all the details and deadlines is highly recommended. 

  • According to the National Association of Realtors®, 92% of all homes listed for sale by owner eventually end up being sold by a real estate agent.  

  • Listing your home on your own often results in the loss of precious time and money. 

  • Please contact me to discuss why hiring a professional realtor often results in a higher purchase price for your home.

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Colorado Springs, CO - USA

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